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Aibnet from Dogsbody

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Aibnet is a telnet console designed with AIBOs in mind. It's used as an alternative for the simple telnet console built into the Master Studio Behavior Arranger. Aibnet and its support tools offer a development environment for R-Code programs.


  • Command bar for executing R-Code statements
  • Watchbar to monitor variables
  • Camerabar
  • Supports capture of up to 32000 lines of scroll buffer
  • Logging to disk
  • Compile both R-Code and Actions and upload them to AIBO
  • Debugging support via "record and playback" functionality


  • Windows OS
  • AIBO with PMS Stick and R-Code* or RCodePlus (or one of many free RCodePlus based personalities)
  • Working WLAN Setup

(* No Camerabar Available)


ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-7

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