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R-Code » WAIT

WAIT Statement

Pause execution of the program for a specified interval, or while a specified part is occupied in an action.


ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-31x ERS-7


(Format 1) WAIT

(Format 2) WAIT:interval

(Format 3) WAIT:part

The WAIT statement syntax has the following parts:

intervalConstant value specifying the amount of time that processing is paused, in milliseconds. (range: 1 - 30000, resolution 32 ms)
partThe system defined WAIT constant name

WAIT Constants

MOTION_ALLAll pending motions.ERS-210ERS-220ERS-31xERS-7
MOTION_HEADAll pending head motions.ERS-210ERS-220ERS-31xERS-7
MOTION_LEGAll pending leg motions.ERS-210ERS-220ERS-31xERS-7
MOTION_TAILAll pending tail motions.ERS-210
MOTION_MOUTHAll pending mouth motions.ERS-210
MOTION_EARAll pending ear motions.ERS-210
SOUND_ALLAll pending sounds (including SOUND_SPK).ERS-210ERS-220ERS-31xERS-7
SOUND_SPKAll pending sounds processed by SP.BIN.ERS-210ERS-220ERS-31xERS-7
LED_ALLAll pending light (LED) motions.ERS-210ERS-220ERS-31xERS-7
LED_FACEAll pending face/eye light (LED) motions.ERS-210ERS-220
LED_TAILAll pending tail light (LED) motions.ERS-210ERS-220
LED_MODEAll pending mode light (LED) motions.ERS-210ERS-220ERS-31xERS-7


   // pause program until sit action is complete
   WAIT // equivalent to WAIT:MOTION_ALL
   WAIT:1000 // pause for 1 second
   WAIT:MOTION_LEG // pause program while legs are transitioning


WAIT has no effect when AIBO is in a state where there is nothing to wait for.

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Page last modified on February 10, 2006, at 08:55 PM CST