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R-Code » INIT

INIT Statement

Initialize or reset R-CODE system.


ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-31x ERS-7



The INIT statement syntax has the following parts:

typeAn optional initialization parameter code.

Type CodesDescription
0Initialize whole R-CODE system. (Performed automatically at R-CODE startup.)
1Enter debug mode. (Intended for R-CODE debugger tool which never appeared)
2Initialize dictionary and variable table to startup values.
3Initialize at the time of WLAN connection. (Performed automatically upon remote connection to AIBO.) Optional second argument specifies the machine ID (AiboId).
4WLAN Disconnect notification.
9Reboot AIBO.


The INIT command is not meant to by used as a code element by R-CODE programs themselves. It may be useful as a command from external tools like a remote terminal while debugging R-CODE programs.

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