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R-Code » ARG

ARG Statement

Extracts the value of a subroutine argument into a variable.

Note The same number of arguments must be retrieved as were pushed before the CALL statement. The order in which arguments are retrieved is first-in/first-out, this opposite of normal stack operations (first-in/last-out.)


ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-31x ERS-7



The ARG statement syntax has the following parts:

variableAutomatic variables arg1, arg2, arg3 or user declared variables from LOCAL or GLOBAL statements.


   // Calling code


:mysub // Subroutine

   ARG:arg1  // arg1 <- 10
   ARG:arg2  // arg2 <- 20
   ARG:arg3  // arg3 <- 30


arg1, arg2, arg3 are provided for use as local variables. There is no need for separate LOCAL declarations.

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Page last modified on February 07, 2006, at 09:08 PM CST