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Open-R » Ubuntu Linux Installation

Opening Synaptic

NOTE: This installation walk-through assumes the following

  • The version of Ubuntu Linux you are using is:
    • 5.10 - The Breezy Badger
    • 6.06 - Dapper Drake
    • NEW 6.10 - Edgy Eft
      (screen shots shown are from Breezy Badger, but the same steps apply for the Dapper Drake and Edgy Eft)
  • The OS is freshly installed on your machine and no software/packages have been added or removed (other than initial automatic OS updates)
  • You are in the sudoers list or can execute commands as root
  • You are moderately familar with Linux/Unix, not necessarily with Ubuntu
  • You have setup and demonstrated PC to AIBO Wifi/WLAN communication successfully and have a working WLANCONF.TXT file prepared and ready (will be used for testing)

Install gcc

Ubuntu does not come with gcc/make and other developer packages installed by default. Open Synaptic to add these. (shown right)
Switch to Synaptic's Advanced mode

Changing to Advanced Mode

Find and select the following packages for installation (you will be prompted about additional packages, accept them)

  • build-essential
  • gcc-3.3

Select build-essential & gcc-3.3

Setup SDK Files for Installation

Create a subdirectory under your current user's home directory called "aibo" (no quotes) e.g. /home/<user>/aibo

Download ALL of the following OPEN-R SDK files from Sony and put them in the new folder ("aibo")

  • OPEN_R_SDK-1.1.5-r4.tar.gz - OPEN-R SDK
  • OPEN_R_SDK-sample-1.1.5-r2.tar.gz - Sample programs
  • OPEN_R_SDK-docE-1.1.5-r1.tar.gz - Manuals
  • - Shell script for building the binutils, gcc, newlib
  • binutils-2.14.tar.gz
  • gcc-3.3.2.tar.gz
  • newlib-1.10.10.tar.gz

When complete, the "aibo" directory will look similar to below.

NOTE: The OPEN-R "manuals" archive has already been extracted in the figure below (tar zxvf OPEN_R_SDK-docE-1.1.5-r1.tar.gz) this is not required to install, but you'll want to do that eventually to read the reference materials.

Example /home/<user>/aibo directory

Opening a Terminal

Install the OPEN-R SDK

Open a terminal session. (shown right)

In the new terminal session, navigate to the same location you placed the OPEN-R SDK files (/home/<user>/aibo in this walkthrough.)

Execute the following commands to build the cross-compiler for the OPEN-R SDK

  • export CC=gcc-3.3 - Ubuntu will use the latest version of gcc (4.0x) by default, but that version is not compatible with the OPEN-R SDK. Switching to gcc version 3.3 for this terminal session
  • sudo ./ - NOTE: sudo not required if you are running as root.

Build OPEN-R Cross-Compiler

Fetch a coffee or snack while the script runs... happy smiley

When the script completes, the last line of output should say Done. Otherwise something previous was not done correctly.

Successful cross-compiler build

Execute the following commands to install the OPEN-R SDK binary files and headers

  • cd /usr/local
  • sudo tar zxvf /home/<user>/aibo/OPEN_R_SDK-1.1.5-r4.tar.gz
  • sudo chmod -R a+r OPEN_R_SDK
  • sudo chmod -R a+x OPEN_R_SDK/OPEN_R/bin

NOTE: the last two commands fix file permissions so you won't have to be root or use "sudo" to compile your OPEN-R SDK objects.

Extract binary files and headers

Execute the following commands to install the OPEN-R SDK code samples

  • cd ~/aibo
  • tar zxvf OPEN_R_SDK-sample-1.1.5-r2.tar.gz

Extract code samples

Test Your New OPEN-R SDK Installation

Navigate to the HelloWorld sample directory and build the sample (assuming you are still at /home/<user>/aibo from previous steps)

  • cd sample/common/HelloWorld
  • make
  • make install

Plug in your reader and/or insert your AIBO Programable Memory Stick (PMS).

WARNING: Only use Sony Branded readers with the special AIBO memory sticks!

Mounted memory stick/reader

First copy the Base OPEN-R SDK memory stick files to your PMS. You'll You'll find them at the location /usr/local/OPEN_R_SDK/OPEN_R/MS_<model>/WCONSOLE/memprot/

Base OPEN-R SDK memory stick files for ERS-7

Next copy the HelloWorld build files on top of the Base files. You'll find them at the location /home/<user>/aibo/sample/common/HelloWorld/MS/

HelloWorld memory stick files

Copy your working WLANCONF.TXT file in the OPEN-R/SYSTEM/CONF/ directory of the memory stick.

Boot up your AIBO with the HelloWorld PMS. Should only hear the standard short burst of tones.

Telnet to your AIBO specifying port 59000. (e.g telnet 59000)

After several lines of misc system info, !!! Hello World !!! should be output to the terminal.

Hello World - It works! happy smiley

You are ready to start the OPEN-R SDK fun!

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Page last modified on June 15, 2012, at 03:04 PM CST