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The standard interface for the AIBO entertainment robot system created by Sony.

  1. Modularized hardware
    • Ability to change the robot's form by exchanging modules (e.g. you can change a leg module or the head module)
    • Each module is connected by a high speed serial bus
    • Auto detection of robot's hardware configuration

  2. Modularized software
    • OPEN-R Software modules are called "objects"
    • The programming model allows concurrently running objects to communicate with each other.
    • Connections between objects are defined in a connection description file.
    • OPEN-R objects can be added and replaced.
    • Each OPEN-R object is loaded from the Memory Stick at start up

  3. Networking
    • Supports Wireless LAN (PC card slot for 2xx models)
    • Supports TCP/IP network protocol


A cross compiler development environment based on gcc (C++) that allows you to create and compile OPEN-R objects to run natively on AIBO.


  1. One of the following models: ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-7
  2. Sony Brand memory stick reader
  3. Programable Memory Stick (PMS) for Aibo. (Either size e.g. 8Mb/16Mb)
  4. The following OS platforms are known to work with the OPEN-R SDK
    • Windows 2000/XP with Cygwin (DLL version 1.3.22)
    • Linux - Ubuntu 5.1, Debian 3.1, Vine Linux 3.2-2.6 (possibly others)
    • Mac OS X version 10.2.8
  5. Download the OPEN-R SDK files from Sony

A working WiFi setup is highly recommended for debugging purposes, but not required for OPEN-R SDK programs to run on AIBO.

Installation / Setup


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