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AiboRemoteFramework » Overview

With AIBO Remote Framework, You can:

  • Use the contents (motion, sound, LED) in commercial MIND AIBOware.
  • Make AIBO walk (using many styles), turn around, kick, touch, move its head.
  • Make AIBO recognize and track objects like its pink ball, faces, hands, and its AIBOne.
  • Make AIBO recognize voices.
  • Execute motions created using AIBO Motion Editor.
  • Acquire data about obstacle detection (distance recognition), and data from the head, back, and chin touch sensors;
  • Make AIBO recognize AIBO cards and new visual patterns. (You can teach new visual patterns for AIBO to recognize)
  • Get camera motion data (also still pictures) and sound data from AIBO. (streaming)
  • Make AIBO play sounds to its speaker from PC. (streaming)
  • Make AIBO speak by using TTS(Text to Speech) function; AIBO speaks text commanded by your PC.
  • Make AIBO self-charge from a PC command.
  • Make AIBO find its AIBOne, get close, and grab it.
  • Make AIBO find moving objects.
  • Control AIBOs (maximum of 16) from one PC application.
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Page last modified on February 22, 2006, at 09:28 PM CST