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Mind Station Marker
Mind Marker

To allow an AIBO to Self Dock, a way of recognising the station is required. This is achieved by the combination of a Station Pole and a Station Marker (Sometimes refered to as a Station Mat).

There are 3 types of Station Marker. The first was specific to the Recognition? personality. The hardware supplied with this personality can also be used with the 3rd party personality Dogslife?. The technology evolved on to the Mind personality and for the first time became an intergrated part of the supplied accessories and not an optional extra.

Mind2/3 Station Marker
Mind2/3 Marker

With the introduction of Mind2 came a new style of Station Marker. This utilised a checked design and is commonly referred to as the "Barcode" type marker. The different style of markers is not interchangable and use of an AIBO running Mind on a Mind2 marker will result in an inability to Self Dock. Similarly an AIBO running Mind2 / Mind3 cannot use the original Mind Marker.

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