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The energy station is the unit which AIBO uses to recharge its Batteries. There are various models of energy station used with different models of AIBO.

AIBO ModelEnergy Station Configuration
ERS-110Energy Station supplied as standard
ERS-210ERS-220An Energy Station was not supplied with AIBO and had to be purchased as an extra. The station can be used for both ERS210? and ERS220? models. The station has a useful slot to charge spare batteries at the front. The station can be used to set AIBO's volume, date and time. This station can be augmented with the addition of the Station Marker and Station Pole supplied with the Recognition? Personality. This in turn allows the AIBO to Self Dock. The Dogslife? personality can also make use of this extended station configuration in order to Self Dock.
ERS-31xThe ERS311? , ERS312? and ERS31L? models were supplied with a stand which was able to accept the optional ERA-301P2?Station Core?. The level of autonomy while on the Energy Station depends on which personality is used, however, the AIBO is rendered inactive when the supplied power Dongle? is used to charge.
ERS-7An Energy Station was supplied with all ERS7 models as standard. The Station consisted of a Station Marker, the station cradle, which AIBO sits on, and a Station Pole. The ERS7 is able to Self Charge, mounting and dismouting the Station on its own. The Station Pole had a black and white barcode type pattern on it, and it is this which AIBO uses to locate the station. The Station Marker helps AIBO postion corectly in order to back onto the station. Station Markers differ depending on which version of the Mind software the AIBO is running. The original Mind personality uses a coloured Station Marker where as Mind 2 and Mind 3 use a black and white "barcode" one. The "barcode" Station Markers were delivered with Mind 1 to Mind 2 and Mind 1 to Mind 3 upgrades as well as with Mind 2 and Mind 3 AIBOs. Various settings can be set from the station. These include AIBO's volume (from level 0 to 3) and the date and time.AIBO will stay awake whilst charging on the station and will interact and behave automonously. Self charging can be switched off via the voice guide mode?.

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