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ERA-MS016 PMS Stick
'ERA-MS016 PMS Stick'

Sony released the ERA-MS08 (8MB) and ERA-MS016 (16MB) Programable Memory Sticks (also sometimes called an R-Code stick) in order to provide a programming path for the Sony AIBO range of robots. Rather than just a blank Memory Stick, the PMS includes an encryption unique to that type of stick. This prevents the use of any other blank Memory Stick in most models in the AIBO range.

The PMS sticks themselves are pink in color and can be used in all AIBO models. Common uses for the PMS include the writing of custom personalities by the user themselves, the download and use of third party examples written by other users and the use of treat software produced by Sony (Such as the Mini Dancer? for ERS-31x. )There is various Aiboware available written by both Sony and the community itself. This takes the form of personalities, treats, programming tools and even full personalities such as Dogslife? for ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-31x

Since the discontinuation of AIBO, PMS sticks became rare and used examples fetched prices far higher than RRP. Although at the time of writing this article, the Good-Aibo community website shop still has some new ERS-MS016 PMS sticks available at the original RRP. Another option is the use of the Stikzap tool. This tool requires the use of a suitable model Sony Clie? Palm based organiser. Stikzap can replicate the encryption used on the original PMS sticks to allow the use of non-PMS sticks for programming purposes.

Due to the encryption data on the stick, PMS Sticks should never be formatted as this can erase the encryption turning the PMS stick into a plain blank stick unusable in the AIBO. It it worth noting that the use of non-Sony Memory Stick Readers can cause corruption to AIBO Memory Sticks, therefore it is strongly advised that the use of original Sony equipment be used at all times. Suitable readers are available in the form of Sony USB stick writers, the Sony Clie Palm based organiser, Sony computers with built in card readers (Such as the VAIO series) and Sony digital cameras.

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