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Before you can begin to develop your own software to run on or interact with an AIBO, you will need the following basic accesories in addition to an AIBO:

AIBO WiFi accessory card
  • AIBO WLAN setup. For best results, use a wireless router/access point setup and a set the AIBO to use a static ip address and infrastructure mode (WEP optional).
    NOTE: The AIBO WiFi card is an accessory sold separately for ERS-210 ERS-220 models. ERS-7 has WiFi hardware included/onboard.

There are several development platforms available for AIBO:


R-Code is a high-level scripting language for AIBO. R-Code allows you to very easily create simple programs for AIBO to execute. While it does not allow the low-level control that the OPEN-R SDK has, what it lacks in power it makes up for in simplicity. In fact, R-Code is simple enough for kids to learn how to use! Remoting is possible via a simple terminal socket connection via WiFi. Commercial usage is allowed, and the license fee is free.

There is an R-Code interpreter available for ERS-110 ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-31x ERS-7 AIBO models.


R-CodePlus is a derivative of R-Code by AiboPet with several added functionalities. R-CodePlus is a superset of R-Code in terms of language, so everything written in standard R-Code will work on a R-CodePlus memorystick (for the same Model AIBO). R-CodePlus exposes some new "basic" AIBO functions such as simple face recognition, name registration, and camera adjustment settings. In addition to the standard R-Code terminal socket for remoting, R-CodePlus supplies a "Telemety" socket for several binary data tranfers such as AIBO's camera image and sending/receiving sound.

R-CodePlus is available for ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-31x AIBO models.


The OPEN-R SDK is a C++ based programming SDK, based on open-source tools (like gcc and newlib), that allows you to make software that executes on your AIBO. This SDK is considered low-level and allows you to control everything from the gain values of AIBO's actuators to retrieving AIBO's camera data and doing computer vision computations. No pre-built "standard" AIBO functionality is provided, such as it is with R-Code and AIBO Remote Framework. It is an excellent choice for researchers doing low-level robotic research.

OPEN-R SDK is available for the ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-7 AIBO models.

AIBO Remote Framework

The AIBO Remote Framework is a Windows PC API based on Visual C++ with which you can make software that interfaces with AIBO remotely from a Windows PC. The software you write can remotely control AIBO running MIND2 or MIND3 Aiboware via a wireless LAN. Commercial usage is allowed, and the license fee is free.

AIBO Remote Framework is available for the ERS-7 AIBO model running MIND2 or MIND3 only.


URBI (Universal Real-time Behavior Interface) is a SDK that (for AIBO) is built on top of the OPEN-R SDK and exposes many of its low-level features, but uses a C/C++ like customized scripting language. The "URBI Server" runs natively on AIBO executing scripts in much the same manner as the R-Code SDK, and URBI also provides an optional "Client" API for remoting like the Windows exclusive AIBO Remote Framework. Along with the low-level control via OPEN-R, URBI script provides many exclusive features such as: easy parallel execution of commands, event programming, command tagging, dynamic variables, etc...

Some "Standard" AIBO functionalities are available "out-of-box", with more currently under construction.

URBI is available for the ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-7 AIBO models.

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