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Models: ERS-310, ERS-220, ERS-110, ERS-210, ERS-7

AIBO is the one and only robotic pet designed and manufactured by Sony (1999-2006). Able to walk, "see" its environment via a camera in its nose, recognize spoken commands via microphones in its ears, and able to communicate with its owner verbally and/or with body language, they are considered to be autonomous robots because (depending upon software) they can also learn and mature based upon external stimuli from their owner, environment, or from other AIBOs.

AIBO Evolution Timeline

-1998: Prototype
1999: ERS-110/111
Lion Cub?
2000: ERS-210
Latte & Macaron?
2001: ERS-311/312
2001: ERS-220
2002: ERS-31L
2003: ERS-7

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